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English Riviera Airshow

English Riviera Airshow

The English Riviera Airshow is a thrilling annual event held along the stunning coastline of Torbay, also known as the English Riviera, just a short 10-minute drive from Melba House. The airshow showcases spectacular aerobatic displays by renowned pilots, featuring a variety of aircraft including vintage planes, helicopters, and military jets such as the RAF Red Arrows. It is a captivating spectacle that attracts aviation enthusiasts and families alike, allowing them to witness breathtaking stunts, gravity-defying manoeuvres, and exhilarating flypasts against the backdrop of the beautiful English Riviera. The event also offers a range of on-ground attractions, such as food stalls, entertainment, and activities for all ages, creating a memorable experience for everyone attending the English Riviera Airshow.

The English Riviera Airshow Torquay

History of The English Riviera Airshow

The English Riviera Airshow has a rich history since its inception in 2016 as part of the Torbay Airshow. It has grown in popularity, attracting thousands of visitors across the globe with its diverse lineup of thrilling aerial displays. The event honours the region’s aviation heritage, paying tribute to brave pilots and showcasing the area’s important role during World War II. The airshow has become a cherished tradition, drawing visitors from near and far to enjoy the spectacular performances.

Since its early success, the English Riviera Airshow has evolved and introduced new elements to enhance the spectator experience. It has become a highlight of the summer events calendar, offering breathtaking aerobatics, formation flying, and precision manoeuvres by skilled pilots. The airshow has developed over the years to include more family activities for the best experience possible.

English Riviera Airshow Torquay

When does the English Riviera Airshow take place?

Torbay is best known for its beautiful weather and stunning coastline, so it is only fitting that the airshow is held in the summer months. Taking advantage of the amazing weather helps put on the best show and make it an experience to remember. You can expect the airshow to take place around the beginning of June, but dates will be confirmed before each event.

The English Riviera Airshow Torbay
English Riviera Airshow places to stay

Places to stay

Torquay is rife with accommodation so there are many places to stay. So you need to consider more of what type of accommodation are you looking for. Do you prefer hotels, lodges, guest houses or bed and breakfasts? Once you narrow this down, then you can refine your search to a suitable place.

So if you are the type that enjoys the comfort of a bed and breakfast, then Melba House is the place for you. We would be happy for you to stay with us when visiting the English Riviera Airshow but book fast as space is limited during peak periods like this.

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